What Two Artists Taught a Physicist About Three-Dimensional Spacetime

By Stephon Alexander, for Nautilus, March 2017. 

As Features Editor for the news site of Participant Media between Sept. 2013 and Dec. 2016, I commissioned and edited nearly every article on these pages

Inside Blackwater
I actually wrote about 2/3 of, and did nearly all the additional reporting for, this piece by Robert Young Pelton. I sat next to the company's lawyers during Congressional testimony by its CEO in October, 2007. 

The End of Salmon
This was intended to be a major feature on the crisis of salmon depopulation, but it never got into shape as my boss had hoped. I still think it's quite good, and it has been the most-emailed story on mensjournal.com so maybe I was right. Try this mensjournal.com/salmon and see if it works or click the link above.

Saving Rainforests (For Real, This Time)
A tutorial on avoided deforestation by Time's chief enviro correspondent, Bryan Walsh. With a sidebar written by me.

Choked Oceans
A similar-style piece by Walsh, this one about dead zones.

The Real McCain

An examination of the presidential candidate's environmental record, by Hal Espen, for Men's Journal, Oct. 2008.

Victor Bout
The story of how the DEA busted the world's most notorious arms dealer (after the United States government, of course). 

The Elephant Wars
This profile of Lawrence Anthony landed on my desk & was crashed into Men's Journal after the South African government announced it would consider culling its elephant population. 

Ivan Solotaroff's road trip with a soldier who quit the army and planned to turn himself into Pres. Bush on Veteran's Day. Didn't work out quite that way. 

Engelís Endless Tour
When I arrived at Men's Journal immediately following Brad Wieners' taking over as editor, there were a bunch of crummy features lying around that we needed to publish for lack of any other material. I was assigned this profile of NBC's Baghdad correspondent and did a bunch of additional reporting to whip it into shape. Brad called it "a great save." 

The Promise of Biofuels from Algae
Nice piece by Evan Ratliff for Men's Journal. 

State of the Planet 2006

A fold-out graphical depiction of some of the most significant statistics on environmental issues, with an accompanying essay by Bill McKibben. 

I was fortunate to be able to send the superb Jake Silverstein, now editor-in-chief of Texas Monthly, to Turkey to write about a total solar eclipse and the people who follow these events across the globe. 

The Effeminate Sheep

This story by Jonah Lehrer, about gay animals, was included in 2007's Best American Science and Nature Writing.

Learning by Doing 
Jonah Lehrer's piece for Seed on why practice makes perfect.

The Discovery of Neurogenesis
All about overturning one of the central tenets of neuroscience. I had a lot of fun cutting up a printout of the original, which was presented chronologically, and rearranging it on the floor of my office (and it was a Saturday).  

Phil Campbell? Phil Campbell. Welcome to Phil Campbell. 
From Might, 1995, on a meeting of men named Phil Campbell in Phil Campbell, AL. By Phil Campbell.